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The Tragedy of the Commons owned, Protecting - Biodiversity via Web3

Fostering a Dream, Unuverse is a community-driven collection of ANIMAL IMPACT TOKENS portraying the most valuable species of the animal kingdom and protecting them. Each of them represents a productive piece of biodiversity - vital to ecosystems. This deepens your understanding of biodiversity and how the world depends on it. Holders can get involved with meaningful projects, while the platform links them to monetisation using web3 technologies, that can be used to value and protect our planet.

Protect rare species using web3

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Each of our NFTs can be paired with a real-world impact project/CAUSE - creating real value, while the NFT fundraises. As the holder you have the right to vote on projects and gain from their good work. Unuverse brings awareness to why biodiversity is vital for life on earth, while UNU Animals already live in the Metaverse. Own a productive piece of biodiversity and receive UNU token designed to represent positive impact beyond profit rates.

Protecting rare animals using WEB 3.0 technology

Benefits from holding one of the unique 3333 NFTs

  • Each holder is given ownership and usage rights of their NFT(s)

  • Access and Voting Right to UNU - Impact Investment DAO

  • Eligible for UNU Token if NFT is linked with a "CAUSE"

  • Eligible for Airdrops of UNU NFT holders

  • Access to IMPACT CAUSES including the UNU ISALND

  • NFT and staking opportunities

Only 333
Special editions

  • 1 of 1 Ultra rare

  • Special Edition holders get air-dropped #1 unu Gift NFT (Celebrity Creators)

  • VIP Access @ UNU Impact Festival on UNU ISLAND

  • Exclusive merchandise only Edition holders

  • Whitelist guarantee for future UNU projects / UNU staking

  • Highest priority of unu CAUSE pairing, NFT + CAUSE = Token

  • Eligible for UNU Token if NFT is linked with a cause

Fox nft
Fish nft


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What makes UNU Impact NFTs valuable?

UNU NFTs are a representation of different real-world species and their related impact projects. The NFT is the mechanism to redistribute funds to the causes via smart contracts, giving a share to the holder. With this framework, the NFT becomes a source of passive income for investors. We have details of factors that can increase and reduce the value of our NFTs in the open market in our whitepaper, available for access at any time on our website.

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What type of investor is most suitable to participate in the UNU DAO?

Since each NFT is a vote on the DAO, we are creating space for different profiles and users, including NGOs, animal lovers, and ESG professionals that may not have a solid background as investors. We want our holders to communicate different ideas and mix different groups inside our DAO to ensure that the NFT price keeps surging. We also want to avoid hampering the growth of our project due to the preferences and decisions of only one specific profile. Every individual is welcome!

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How can a smart contract be a solution to protect public goods?

Unuverse pays attention to resources that are disappearing due to the way humans use and administer them, lacking sustainable actions. We need a mechanism that can help refill these resources. We are trusting smart contracts to eliminate intermediaries to process transactions without associated delays and fees, with full trust and transparency. We believe that public goods have a value attached to them inside the blockchain, and by giving these goods and their owners more monetary value, we guarantee more people are paying attention to them. Once this is achieved, mining or staking these values will create a positive impact on any metaverse project.

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How do I verify the trustworthiness of Unuverse?

We are very outspoken and active on our social media accounts. Users and people interested in joining us can access our Telegram channel or LinkedIn page to get constantly updated with what is happening with our project. In addition, our team has real-world backers and partners with successful careers in ESG. We are excited to connect with passionate people that can be part of our DAO and help us make a difference.

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Will Unuverse be available in non-English speaking countries?

Absolutely yes. Our CEO has lived in China for 10 years, and a significant part of our team is from the Philippines, so we are already building our idea to dialogue with different international communities. Many of our pre-selected impact causes are based in Asia, and we look forward to finding more in other parts of the world as well!

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How can I understand the details of Unuverse’s initiative?

We prepared a detailed whitepaper with all the valuable information to keep our users closely aligned with what we are doing. We want to be transparent with our community and share as much of our story and plans for the future as possible to keep everyone engaged and excited to join us in this mission. The whitepaper is already available for all users, download it any time!