How Does Unuverse Work

3 Minutes

The crypto markets witnessed explosive growth throughout 2021, as it became defined by trends such as memecoins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn games, and the metaverse.

Unuverse is aware of how these trends will continue to evolve, reshaping the crypto industry and contributing to a better world in the process. Our project’s mission is to act as a catalyst for the conservation of wildlife through the power of blockchain and NFTs.

Throughout this article, we’ll be sharing an overview of how Unuverse works. Read below to learn about our unique features and NFT collection.

What is Unuverse?

Unuverse is a community-driven project featuring a collection of 3333 NFTs, each one representing a different race from the animal kingdom.

The collection, known as Unu Ark, is a web 3.0 version of the United Nations Red List, the world’s most comprehensive and informative list of endangered species. Our NFT collection is much more than just visual representations of animals, it is a health indicator for the world’s biodiversity.

The Unuverse will be governed by its community, through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where each NFT owner can vote and propose the funding of new causes or projects.

Once a vote is cast on UNU DAO, the mining capability of the $UNU token is attached to an NFT owned/paired with that specific cause. We are actively reaching out to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and establishing partnerships to create the initial list of 21 cases for the community to vote on

NFTs — utility

Our collection of impactful NFTs offers participation in our DAO, which is both an investment vehicle and contributor to wildlife preservation, builder of recreational spaces, and exclusive access into the metaverse.

The most popular NFTs will be integrated into popular metaverse platforms, like Sandbox and Wilder World, as playable avatars, collectibles, or companions. Each NFT has its own intrinsic element and a set of “Super Values” which you can find in the form of attributes attached to the animal, making it less or rarer, as well as metadata on the population size of that specific species. Special editions of popular animals will also be minted, offering added utility within the Unuverse ecosystem.

The Unuverse is open for exploration

The web 3.0 economy is just in its infancy and there is no better place to start than in the Unuverse. Help maintain our planet’s biodiversity and have an asset that will live forever in the metaverse by securing your first unique Animal Kingdom NFT.