Success Story

5 Minutes

We are proud to say that our year of 2022 as the Unuverse was a fruitful one. We have dedicated our time to creating a safe and engaging DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to act as a direct and innovative channel for users to be part of the surging NFT while making a difference in the real world. We worked hard to bring our first chapter to the metaverse, Animal Kingdom 3333, a collection of unique and rare animals with a digital identity on the blockchain and linked to an impact cause in the offline world. Our Animal NFTs were carefully thought to represent not only a fantastic species that inhabit this planet with us but also a productive piece of biodiversity that helps people deepen their understanding of the nature around us and how we intrinsically depend on it. Our first NFT sale went live in November with the drops of our Manta Ray and Leopard NFTs. The Manta Ray already has its owner, and we could not be happier about it. 

The Unuverse was created by a group of eco-conscious entrepreneurs who wished we could get involved with natural causes as much as we get involved with new technologies that keep making an impact in our lives. By giving animals an unique identifier in the metaverse, we could create reliable smart contracts attached to each NFT to guarantee the redistribution of all the funds generated trough the sale of the token to projects committed to protecting the assigned species in the real world. Our framework was designed to also give our Shepherds (our NFT holders) real-life benefits for their efforts; they can actively vote on the DAO to manage the selection and paring of relevant environmental projects while holding valuable assets that can also bring financial advantages. 

We have carefully selected the causes represented in the Unuverse and the associations that are collaborating with us. Our utility tokens are only connected with meaningful projects administered by eco-conscious people with a true wish to make a difference and create a chain of good actions that can truly impact the future of our planet and the lives around us. Our first-sold NFT represents a species that has been threatened by human activity for decades. The most significant threat to the giant manta ray is the overutilization of our oceans for commercial purposes. On top of that, these amazing animals are often targeted and hunted by industrial fisheries profiting from their natural traits and the unique features these creatures have. We are so happy to be able to connect our Manta Ray NFT with Ocean Recovery Alliance, an organisation focused on entrepreneurial programs to reduce plastic pollution, both on land and water. Their team dedicates to creating strategic solutions for governments, industries, and communities to engage with these solutions and minimise the damage caused by human actions in the lives that call our oceans home. 

The Manta Ray NFT holder is now playing a part in the Ocean Recovery Alliance initiative and, by simply owning our Impact token, helping protect the Manta Ray and ensure we continue to raise awareness about the threats that affect this and other amazing ocean animals. Our Leopard NFT is still available, and you can access Endaoment’s official website, a nonprofit community built on the Ethereum blockchain, for a safe way to start your journey with us! We cannot wait to see how far we can go together and all the impactful changes we can promote. The doors to the Unuverse are open!