THE UNU DAO — real impact for biodiversity and liveable spaces

3 Minutes

THE UNU DAO: Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) represent a revolutionary new form of organization.

In essence, DAOs can be defined as an online community with a shared bank account. Members of the community gain voting rights by owning tokens or NFTs, effectively being able to decide the future development of the organization/protocol and how the money from the shared treasury should be spent.

There are virtually no limits to how creative and useful the implementation of DAOs will be in the future, and that is why we decided to create the Unuverse DAO. Throughout this article, we’ll be reviewing all the details of the upcoming Unu DAO and how users can become part of the Unuverse journey.

Overview of Unu DAO

Forming a tight-knit community, our Unu DAO is designed to have all community members working together for a common goal. That goal is to simultaneously preserve Earth’s biodiversity, through the funding of several environmental causes, while generating a source of passive income for our NFT holders.

We are strong advocates for blockchain technology and believe that it’s possible for the Unu DAO to be a socially-conscious structure that represents good moral values. Unu DAO’s architecture is being designed so a strong focus is placed on the community and ecology.

How to join the UNU DAO?

Our first collection, “Unu Ark”, will be comprised of 3,333 unique NFTs. Beyond being a unique visual representation of wild animal life, the NFTs will offer governance rights over our protocol. Our digital artists are currently working on the designs, and we will also be minting special fan-art NFTs created by our dedicated community.

$UNU token holders will also gain governance rights over the Unuverse, as 55% of the token supply will be owned by the users. The purchase of the UNU NFT / voting rights follows rules of decentralizalisation with each user being able to purchase a maximum of 25 NFT packs. This is a vital measure that will help ensure the decentralized nature of our DAO.

Collectors, investors, and environmental activists will be able to gain financially from voting, validating projects, and mostly pairing NFT with a cause. Thus, users can effectively decide which endangered species/ecosystems should be saved.

Through this unique incentive system, our users are encouraged to pair meaningful projects with the NFTs. Besides appreciating in value, a paired NFT becomes a productive asset of digital and real biodiversity. Making the NFT holder and the impact project (CAUSE) receive weekly UNU Token.

Closing thoughts

Despite already being considered a legal business entity in Wyoming, DAOs still have a long way to go before being widely implemented in the real world. However, their potential to transform traditional hierarchies and the way organizations conduct their businesses is undeniable.

The Unu DAO aims to have a direct positive impact in the real world from the get-go. Not only will the DAO be responsible for supporting charities and causes linked to wildlife preservation, but we will also include plans to build the Unu island, where exclusive events and gatherings will be voted on and enjoyed by the Unuverse community.