Unuverse gets listed on Impact NFTs

2 Minutes

We are thrilled to announce that Unuverse has partnered with IMPACT NFTs, a platform committed to real change through the power of blockchain and Impact NFTs for good.

“Impact NFT is one of the leading groups in Hong Kong that get the message: We have to use technology for improving people’s lives on this planet and our biodiversity rather than the opposite. We are very glad to work with such a renowned group of changers and doers. Says Julian Gaertner, CEO of Unuverse.io

With the help of our new partner, we’ll be able to create more impact to our NFT collection, get institutions involved, and have a good sparring partner. Our goal is to bring these rare animals into the metaverse and protect them in this world. For this, we need the best partner to join in making Unuverse the bluechip impact NFT in the ESG sector

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About Impact NFT

Impact NFTs are designed to fund positive social, cultural, sustainable development, or environmental impact. They act as digital assets for recording and enumerating impact actions in the physical world.

A proof of stake or negligible carbon minting process ensures that a token is environmentally considerate and may even be climate positive. An Impact NFT is also different from a regular NFT in that it is designed with the intention to fund positive social or environmental impact, acting as a digital asset for impact investing. The NFT can act as a verifiable certificate on the blockchain, confirming the funding is provided to a social or environmental cause, which can then be reported on to relevant stakeholders and concerned parties.

Impact NFTs are innovative as they can convert traditional spending on assets and collectibles into a format that funds social and environmental causes, thereby funding important causes through the purchase of the avatar, art, collectible, or campaign image.

Read more at: https://www.impactnft.org/