Unuverse partners with leader in digital intelligence DIGINIX AI

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We are thrilled to announce that Unuverse has partnered with Diginix-AIs, a leading provider of digital services and strategies in the space of Digital Marketing and AI.

“Diginix AI is committed to making a lasting impact in the digital space. With offices all over Central Asia, this is becoming a powerhouse of the digital transformation of the Arabic region. We are very glad to get Diginix Ai as a partner bringing in a high pace and the right know-how of this very dynamic industry. Let’s buckle up”. Says Julian Gaertner, CEO of Unuverse.io

With the help of our new partner, we’ll be able to create a more all-encompassing digital strategy for expanding the universe and its mission to institutional partners and the Arabic region. In many ways, Diginix AI is a powerful sparring partner for our digital strategy. Our goal is to bring these rare animals into the metaverse and protect them in this world. For this, we need the best partner to join in making Unuverse the bluechip impact NFT in the ESG sector

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About Diginix AI

Technological innovation requires teamwork, and this being our success mantra since our journey, we have followed the same throughout our course. We believe success comes when we join hands together, our partnership deals with other organizations have sorted out all the difficulties, and helped us derive the best industry-leading ideas beyond the ordinary approaches.

Diginix-Ai is a name to be trusted when it comes to creating the best IT solutions for the industry. We have been serving the industry with the most holistic, user-centric solutions that bring accurate outcomes, and the desired results as per the clients’ needs.

We undertake only one single project at a time and put our best efforts into so that the client gains what they are looking for while we retain the top position in the industry.

Read more at: https://www.diginixai.com/