We are excited to announce that Unuverse has partnered with Yolo Group, an active group of entrepreneurs.

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“We welcome entrepreneurs to the Unuverse community. As we balance impact with the investment benefit. This is what makes the most sense”. Says Julian Gaertner, CEO of Unuverse.io

With the help of our partner, we will engage more entrepreneurs and introduce them to impact investment “causes”, that make sense from an economic and ecological perspective. We are proud to have some of the Yolo members to hold some of our rare Animal Impact NFTS

Stay tuned to our socials, as we regularly share new developments, partnerships, and important announcements.

About Yolo

YOLO is India’s first premium community tech membership platform with online and offline exclusive deals, subscriptions and events for millennials (26–45 years) and GenZ (14–25 years). YOLO always aims to drive the smart generation from cash to digital, & upgrade your lifestyle by providing premium offers & deals across dining, travel, shopping, startup tools, entertainment, and many more on your favorite brands. Driven by the digital economy, it focuses on repeatedly delivering value along with an exclusive experience by hosting exclusive events for each community.


About Unuverse

Unuverse is a community-driven project and animal-themed collection of 3,333 NFTs. Bringing rare animals into the metaverse and protecting them in this world.

Each NFT represents a different race from the animal kingdom and the entire collection acts as a decentralized database for endangered species, similar to the United Nations Red List.

By owning the native token, $UNU, or one of the NFT animals, users gain governance rights over the Unuverse DAO and can vote to fund multiple projects promoting biodiversity and the protection of endangered species.