Welcome to the Unuverse!

3 Minutes

With a vision to build a brand-new world from shambles, Unuverse is set to achieve great things right before our eyes. Then it’s good that we dive in and explore what the Unuverse is all about.

What’s the Unuverse all about?

It started from an idea, probably from the past, now, or future. There are relevant questions to be asked, like; can impacting the future change the “now”? Think about if new technologies and new ways to organize intelligence can be so disruptive that they can lead us to a better way.

The fact is that we are all one. You are I and I am also you. It doesn’t matter if you are in Australia, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, or Antarctica. We are all connected, more or less impacting each other. So, the focus is to bring people together who think alike and help them to create using Web3 — to stand for what is omitted and valuable, and what ought to be represented.

UNU stands for the wildest, most amazing, and most valuable creatures ever known. Each UNU Animal NFT is different and carries up to 3 elements (POWER VALUES). But together they are ONE community. As a holder of the NFT, you have access to the UNU DAO, which comes with a lot of benefits for you and the world.

Being a UNU member, you have a say over the most significant projects, including water, forestry, and the UNU ISLAND that help to reshape the earth and its balance with nature. It has all that represents the best, from water-filtering mussels, colorful fish, or the most lovable singers of the sky. They all represent you. Your NFT will make money for you, and it will remain a part of a decentralized social impact investment guild. You get to share these spirits with the community — call it Karma.

There’s a whole brave new world emerging from shambles. It all started when everything had gone too far and too fast, racing quickly to what you would call hell on earth without recognizing it until it was too late. There are so many blunt lies, imbalances, catastrophes, and transaction-thinking nationalism just to protect a few