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Conserving the wild bird - Great Blue Heron

North America is home to over 2050 different bird species but the number has been declining considerably as the continent’s woodland and rainforests keep being exploited by humans.

American Bird Conservancy is dedicated to conserving wild birds and taking care of their habitats. The initiative has been active for more than 25 years, detecting the issues affecting bird fauna and using science to create solutions that can hamper extinction and eliminate what has been threatening the life of birds throughout the Americas. To protect and restore the continent's wetland habitat and the birds that call these places home, the America Bird Conservancy has been focused on habitat loss and the impacts of this issue on the number of species found in the North American ecosystems. The institution recognizes that industrialisation and the surge in the human population are noticeable phenomena in the past century that has been severely affected natural landscapes and works to prevent extinction amidst this scenario and stabilise bird populations through effective management and conversation practices.

American Bird Conservancy

You can help protect the Great Blue Herons by joining Unuverse and having one of our NFTs paired with the initiatives of American Birds Conservancy. This species is the largest heron in North America and one of the most famous wading birds in the region, with a population of around 700.000. This number has been increasing in the past year, thanks to the birds’ large adaptation capacity. However, their plumes have been targeted by humans looking for profit and Blue Herons have been heavily disturbed by people entering their natural habitat for the wrong reasons, resulting in habitat loss and degradation as well. Their unique appearance mixing tones of gray, blue, and black stripes makes this species catchy to the eyes. You can join us and American Bird Conservancy to help to protect and restore their habitats and make sure these birds have a healthy environment to keep growing their community.

Great Blue Heron

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