How it works

What would you do to hold something truly valuable? Something that is required for ecosystems and life on earth?

As a holder of an UNU Impact NFT you are a Shepherd of an entire species. You have access to the UNU DAO that connects meaningful Causes to the NFTs which ensure the species long term survival. This causes a positive impact on the world in many ways. The NFT is their representation. Unuverse is the UN Red list of endangered species in the web3 age. The DAO redistributes funds and promotes change, giving you long term benefit for being a holder. 3333 spots only.

lion nft image
Unuverse logo on a forest background


Unuverse offers a sustainable way to hold and stake our NFTs and profit from their positive impact. Our platform generates a private login to a digital wallet for each client and is equipped with all the necessary verification technology to ensure users' data and assets are protected.


Vote for Causes

The UNU DAO represents a community that sees us all as ONEand understands that animals play a vital role in our survival and well being. Each animal we selected holds tremendous potential and is important for the world's ecosystems. UNU NFT holders will automatically become members of the UNU DAO and will have the ability to vote on causes related to conservation efforts and impact investment.


Funds raised for Cause

The UNU DAO will validate, pair, and fund different causes that the UNU community finds worth supporting. What will be generated through the sale of our NFTs and token sales will go directly to a list of selected charities, or causes that bring returns to the DAO and the world in multiple ways. If your NFT is paired to one of the Causes, your NFT receives the UNU Token, which is a passive income for you. The NFT becomes a means to raise funds for charities with impactful projects.


Increase UNU coin value

With our “pair-to-earn” framework, staking, mining and pairing an NFT with a social impact project will reward the owners and provide funds to the causes. The positive impact and choices of the UNU DAO to invest into our future will directly impact the UNU Token Price over time. The model has been tested and awarded. With the tides turning to sustainability UNUs future is set.